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2017 Brand-New Black Diamond (New Style)
1 1
2017 Brand-New Black Diamond Race Car (New Style)
Asking $29,000
Call or text 708-878-0676


2017 Black Diamond
1 1
1- 438 c.i. Clements $29,500
150 laps

2- Brand new Black Diamond / Club 29 never raced assembled at Lanigan's shop but never picked up
$25,500 complete

Call Axle at 815-450-8300


2016 Black Diamond by Club 29
2016 Black diamond/Club 29 frame "old style" powder coated flat black, cockpit/ heavy floor & shifter tunnel, brake lines black deck.. uppers..lowers..spindals..longacre lineless guages..crane ignition.. willwood pedals..body for pattern..fiberglass roof.. car has around 35 nights on it.. : $7000 o.b.o .

Travis Denning: 815-499-8456 
Roller $15500.00


2017 Black Diamond

1 1

All new in 2017 (45 race nights) - Complete car minus: engine, driveline, oil system, wheels, tires, seat, lead, weight brackets, transmission and shocks: $19,700. This car can be bought in any stage of completion. Complete 2017 double adjustable Ohlin Shock (5) package (freshened July 15, 2017):  $2,400
Complete car:

  • Black interior bead rolled deck; Oberg access door & frame; Front, rear bumpers and side bars; front hood bar brackets, QuickCar Switches & gauges, window bars, Lexan windshield, existing body (including nose piece), Hood is super light-weight composite.
  • Low Drag Winters 411 rear-end with polished Magnesium center section & steal left rear axle tube.                   
  • Drive flange starlite five bolt     
  • Gun Drilled axles – set of 2
  • Cock pit w/heavy floor & shifter tunnel, brake lines  
  • 4” Slotted Sweet Rack (just freshened).
  • Motor Plate
  • LF Lower one-piece control arm complete w/heim

& ball joint-large taper:                                                                                      

  • RF Lower one piece control arm complete w/heim & ball joint-large taper:      
  • 2-Upper control arms w/ball joints:                                                                
  • Bearing Bird cage assemblies w/ brake bracket                                                  
  • 4 rotors                                                                           
  • LR Shock swivel new design clevis bolt on mount                                               
  • Rear end filler tank combo vent includes hose kits & fittings                                       
  • Frame mount for J-bar, angled w/Cam motion                                                        
  • Pinion plate heavy duty w/Cam motion                                                                
  • Lift bar plates for rear-end:                                                                                       
  • Aluminum J-bar w/double adjusters:                                                              
  • Lift Bar & Lift Bar Stabilizer & kit (steel):                                                                            
  • 6th Coil complete w/mount & 5th coil aluminum mount & spring
  • Fuel Line kit including filter, mount, Lines & fittings                    
  • Left & Right Outpace Tie rods         
  • 4 bar – Outpace with heims and aluminum bushings
  • 3 wheel electric brake valve with switch & kill switch               
  • Complete steering shaft kit w/Sweet collapsible shaft & lower shaft w/swivels & oversize heim          
  • 4 - Black coated Wilwood front & rear hubs w/ drilled studs & Includes low drag bearing spacers
  • Wilwood Calipers complete set with hawk pads Including 4 flex brake lines        
  • Power steering tank, mount and hose kit               
  • Adjuster clevis, chain & rear-end clamp for LR                  
  • Stuckey/Lanigan Fuel Safe fuel cell and clamp brackets    
  • QuickCar 4 guage - No digital tach        
  • Rear-end Filler Tank combo vent
  • Birky Style gas pedal            
  • Brake pedal assembly complete w/ master cylinders
  • With remote brake adjust and bracket  
  • Engine skid plate
  • Battery plugin connection at back of car
  • Hooker Harness seat belts with rachet
  • Radiator mounts
  • Oil cooler & hood scoop

309-236-3283 Cell


2013 MasterSbilt GenX
2013 MasterSbilt GenX minus motor, seat and lead
Frankland rear end, Wehrs birdcages, Peterson oil tank, Wulff oil pump with combination fuel/power steering pump, Brinn transmission, Dynamic Drivelines carbon fiber driveshaft, Sweet rack, Ohlins shocks. Car has the best of everything!!   $13,000

For more information please give Jason a call at 319-631-0193 


2015 Back Diamond
4:11 Rear End, Sweet Rack
Roller Minus Shocks (Shocks can be added)
15 Nights on Car
Asking $20,000

Call Hunter at 870-930-6794


2015 Back Diamond
4:11 Rear End, Sweet Rack
Roller Minus Shocks (Shocks can be added)
60 Nights on Car
Asking $15,000

Call Hunter at 870-930-6794

2015 Mastersbilt Gen X

1 1

Complete roller
Sweet Rack, Collapsable steering shaft,
Wilwood hubs, rotors, calipers, pads Howe Ball joints
1 piece lower control arms
Electric 3 wheel brake valve
Quickcar guage panel, single box wiring harness,
witch panel, digital teltach,
Winner’s 486 low drag black rear end, TWM Birdcages,
Cam motion pinion plate and frame mount,
Aluminum J-bar, Mastersbilt Liftbar,
BWRC style fuel cell, Motorplate,

Also available race ready with 604 crate motor 2nd Gen Bert transmission,
Bert Bell housing, carbon fiber drive shaft, 6ALN MSD box & Coil, No shocks, no springs.

2013 Gen X Black frame with white deck. Can purchase separately or will go with 2015 roller at no charge.

Call 318-929-2621 for more information


Black Diamond Chassis For Sale

No Shocks or springs, no tires or wheels, no motor, no transmission, no bellhousing and no oil system

For more information, please call Cody Mahoney at 812-599-2224.

2014 Club 29 For Sale
Roller for sale any stage
Asking $20,000
Call Jason Rauen at 563-599-8898


2014 Black Diamond For Sale
Roller will sale any stage
Asking $22,500
Call Jason Rauen at 563-599-8898


2014 Black Diamond Super Late Model For Sale
Complete roller with less than 20 nights. Sweet rack and collapsable shaft, black wilwood hubs and rotors, one-piece lowers with Howe ball joints, TWM bearing upper a-arms, motor plate, complete power steering lines and tnak, gauge panel and dual ignition wiring, Hooker Harness seat belts with ratchet design, Frankland low-drag rear-end, bearing birdcages, TWM pinion mount and climbing frame mount, TWM 6th coil, Fuel Safe fuel cell.

Car is a proven race winner and is race-ready minus motor, transmission, driveline, oil system, and no shocks or springs.

Asking $23900

Call Jason Rauen at (563) 599-8898 or Ronnie Stuckey at (318) 929-2621


2004 Warrior Super Late Model Roller For Sale
Complete roller minus seat with 2014 updated front-end and four-bar bracket installed at Stuckey Enterprises, Howe low-friction ball joints, Winters Rear-End, BSB bearing birdcages, AFCO shocks and springs

Asking $9,500

Call Slick Swayne (318) 464-6171, (318) 464-6170 or Ronnie Stuckey 318-929-2621


2014 Black Diamond Super Late Model For Sale
35 Nights on the car, Sweet rack and collapsible steering shaft. Wilwood hubs, Wilwood rotors, Wilwood calipers, Wilwood brake pads, Howe low friction ball joints, Club 29 one-piece lower control arms, Wilwood three-wheel electric brake valve, Woodward power-steering tank and lines, Quickcar gauge-panel, Hooker Harness seat belts, Coleman gas pedal, Bert single shifter, black Tiger low-drag rear-end, Port City bearing birdcages, Out Pace aluminum J-bar, Wehrs pinion mount, Wehrs cam motion pinion mount, Wehrs cam motion Out-Pace 4 bars, Club 29 lift bar, TWM sixth coil, Black Diamond 29 gallon fuel cell with fuel safe cell, Keyser shaker screen, Black Diamond motor plate, 6 AL MSD ignition, Optima Batteries, and digital tach.

Call Ronnie Stuckey at (318) 929-2621


- 2” round tube, blue frame, needs new rear deck

- Car has all good parts with 2011 updates on front end, black wil-wood hubs and brake system, low drag hub bearings, TWM birdcages and j-bar, cam motion pinion plate and frame mount, hawk rotors, quick car panel, five switch ingtn. Panel, shifter, motor plate, sweet rack and shaft, car needs minor repair on right rear tail section.

- Car can also be bought with extra components including: oil tank & cooler, bellhousing, ball spline transmission and carbon fiber drive shaft.

Asking $6,500.00